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Pattaradday Festival 2013 “Grand Parade”

In celebration of its foundation day, the City of Santiago will hold its annual Pattaradday Festival on May 1-5, 2013. Pattaradday, the Ybanag word for unity, is the central theme of the festivities. It is a celebration of the people of Santiago City, who despite their diverse ethno-linguistic origin, are able to live in unity and peace. Highlight of the festival is the Grand Pattaradday Parade Street Dance Competition happening...

Anvil Live Streaming

Listen Live The 48th Anvil Awards, the Anvil of many “firsts” by Lou de Guzman, APR On March 6, 2013, the 48th Anvil Awards will earn its place in the industry as the Anvil of many “firsts” as it honors the best in PR practice. An overwhelming support from industry players turned in almost 400 entries, breaking past records of the Anvil Awards. For the first time this year, digital...

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