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139 Responses

  1. marose says:

    Good Day, can you please play a Christmas Music, thank you and more power.

  2. Dannitin says:

    Hi DWRK!…

  3. Jocelyn says:

    yes ma’am this is ok now… Thanks.

  4. Jocelyn says:

    The sound is static…please check, thanks…

  5. irin says:

    The sound is static. Thanks

  6. anne says:

    hi to everyone there in the Philippines…..
    love all songs being played in this station

    from Brunei

  7. ariel says:

    I cannot hear the left ear of my headset.

  8. Norma says:

    good am. The audio is not clear.

  9. den says:

    Why the sound is not clear?

  10. divine says:

    I don’t have any players now all broken what can I do or how can I listen easyrock

  11. dig024 says:

    until now it’s not working…, also the other stations..

  12. Richard says:

    Is it my computer or the site has a problem.
    I just update my player however it’s still not working.

  13. Nergy says:

    The flash player is not working.
    Windows Media Player displays, “A plugin is needed to display this content.”

  14. Virgo says:

    Can you add more old songs. You’re playing the same songs everyday.

  15. Hey, easy rock!!! you guys are awesome.. Its 23:46 here in Norway, Phillipines is 7 hrs ahead. Been listening to you guys all day… I felt I was just home, in Manila… This is my husband faves too, he loves doing his computer job in his office, while listening… keep it up guys…

  16. Haidee says:

    Good morning 96.3. Everyday, I always listening to 96.3 in office and it keeps me relax and calm with all stress-related work.

    Thanks and keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. ZONERUN says:

    Thank you so much Easy Rock, It is just like I’m home in Novaliches while cleaning my room here in Abu Dhabi. Keep it guys.

  18. ovarbsky says:

    Please check, the sound is not balance. Thanks

  19. sally jacinto says:

    Dear Easyrock, (WRK96.3) Good day to all DJ and STAFF of easyrock. Please add more classic songs because a lot of songs are still not included to your line-up, for example: The free movement, Blue magic, The spinners, Kenny Nolan, and Alessi Brothers. There is a lot of classic song since your station is still located at South Super Highway. The format is so amazing and beautiful. Keep it up EasyRock!! Thanks also the live streaming. We are here in Jeddah, K.S.A.

  20. chini says:

    Thanks for building this online radio portal, some other sites requires downloads etc. Now can listen to radio in the office. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. chini says:

    Thanks for building this online radio portal, some other sites requires downloads etc. Now can listen to radio in the office. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. sofia says:

    I can work all night without feeling tired because your music is soothing and relaxing. The best! I don’t need to get a coffee for me to not get sleepy. You station is enough for me. Keep it up! You helped a lot of people to relax. God is good always.

  23. Hunknextdoor says:

    “Friday Classics”…ty for playing good music …DWRK you really are #1…!!!

  24. doods says:

    ***CooL*** D_best ever your the #1 ***One more coffee pls….

  25. joyce d jesus says:

    thanks for playing good music….hello from new caledonia!

  26. Christian says:

    Easy Rock forever, from Singapore ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. james says:

    Hi Radiomaster,

    the Windows Media Player i splaying only in mono (only 1 speaker play) while the MP3 & flash Player are playing in stereo. (2 / all speaker play).
    Kindly check.
    Thank you sou much.

  28. Rene says:

    always tuning in even here in Saudi Arabia the whole day..sounds are relaxing.Thanks, Easy Rock..

  29. anne says:


    96.3 wont play. How can i resolve it ?

    Thanks and more power!

  30. anne says:


    96.3 wont play. How can i resolve it ?

    Thanks and more power!

  31. richelle says:

    hndi po naga play help me.

  32. ernie purisima says:

    nasa abroad man o nasa pinas lang, 96.3 palagi ang pinaKiKinggan. Mabuhay kayo!

  33. Thanks to eradioportal.com. Pinoys around the world can now listen to their favorite FM stations.

  34. melchor basmayor says:

    Nice online radio throughout the world . It means Pinoy all over the world ..in Behalf of all Pinoy here in Afrika ..Thank a lot..Lord Bless…

  35. Jems says:

    thanks wrock nice to hear all my favorate songs.

  36. gerald says:

    dwrk makes me feel at home while i was away.. thanks

  37. gerald says:

    thank you for making me feel at home while i was away..

  38. Nergy says:

    Love Radio is playing instead of Easy Rock

  39. ovarbsky says:

    tnx a lot wrock for fixing this no. 1 fm station ,keep it up!!!!!

  40. Deejay Banger says:

    it’s nice to hear those old songs again. songs I thougt were lost and gone… thank you Easy Rock

  41. Mark Wilson Malaluan says:

    Nice one…. Wrock Rock….

  42. Ben says:

    it’s not playing!

  43. JCbhoy says:

    hello eradio salamat for putting up a site like this for our ofw abroad. Feedback ko lang na di nagwowork un DWRK easy rock…

  44. vera says:

    bakit walang sound?

  45. Nergy says:

    “A plug in is needed to play this content.”
    I see the above message but there is no plug-in available for Firefox using Windows 8.1. When will the plug-in be available?

  46. K says:

    This is playing Yes FM =( Where’s Easy Rock?

  47. Nergy says:

    When will the plug-in for Firefox for Windows 8.1 be available?

  48. Jensen says:

    Ano po the best app for android para maka tune in po ako sa station nyo?

    Jensen of Dubai…

  49. Sarap makinig dito pero bakit hindi stereo sound…sana po i-check at ayusin para mas magandang pakinggan kung both left and right speakers ay may tunog

  50. thor jack says:

    ayaw s ipad?

  51. ovarbsky says:

    tnx w rock keep it on!!!!!!!!!!,pero may konti pang diperensya parang hindi balnce ang sound as if meron sa left channel ang audio tapos sa right naman e wala ,kindly fix it pa,pero ung ibang station naman e balance,tnx po ulit.

  52. ovarbsky says:

    nice radio station!!!!carry on

  53. ovarbsky says:

    what a station,i luv this., carry on wrock!

  54. ovarbsky says:

    more lite rock music please!!!!!!!!!tnx

  55. Jian Pauru says:

    i love this station.
    pero meron rin po bang online stream ang WRock Cebu?

  56. ovarbsky says:

    tnx a lot for fixing ,i luv this station, keep playin’ easyrock music….nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. ovarbsky says:

    tnx very much,for fixing this station,it seems good already,keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!nice one……..

  58. OrlySat says:


    Ever since I love this station DWRK (Easy Rock) 96.3, kindly fix the audio quality.


  59. OrlySat says:

    I love this FM Station โ€œDWRK (Easy Rock) 96.3โ€ even when i’m still there in the Philippines. Kindly follow up the audio transmission to be more clearer and a little bit higher volume. Thanks

  60. admin says:

    Hello Sir Jerwin,

    Good morning.

    Yes we always reported the issue to the technical of the said station but still they do not have any fix on it.

    We will try to ask them again now.


  61. nics says:

    This station is good for listening light rock music and oldies. But the audio is not clear. Can you fix it? Thanks.

  62. Ben says:

    DWrock is the most unstable stream among the mbc stations. it’s most of the time offline and the noise is very high at times. please stabilize the stream. this station is awsome and i always listen to this in the office and all the night when i’m sleeping.
    thank you.

  63. jerwin chiong says:

    Nice music easy rock!!!!But why i heard some noise in the background , sometimes your live streaming is not working! can your IT guy fix the problem…Thanks!!!

  64. Sandy says:


    Can’t connect to Easyrock…just “connecting” status and its like been trying to connect more than 24 hours.. thanks!


  65. colt22auto says:

    May I know the title of this song? and who sang it?
    It starts with “I’ll tell you simply I’m falling for you…I’ve never felt this way before…”
    Hope to hear from you soon, thank you!
    BTW, I’m an overseas worker here in Tinian and we always listen to this station.

  66. Kel says:

    Love your station, been listening to it for almost 20 years now. Being here on eradioportal gives me the benefit to listen to you guys even if i have stayed in Isabela after getting married.

  67. Mario says:

    Hi, Why is DWRK always have this sound issue problems. Like right now its not clear, sometimes audio too low. Curently there’s a hissing sound. Most of the time its like that. Other fm stations don’t have any issues. It seems that DWRK is singled out to be problematic. =(

    Kindly have your tech people do something about it for good. As its always a recurring problem.

  68. ovarbsky says:


  69. KAT says:

    Please fix this error, another station is playing also I think its 94.7 sometimes it is Am station…

  70. ovarbsky says:

    yeah it’s nice that the net is already ok,it’s nice ,I’ll be again on wrock ,nice music,nice people,nice station and of course nice listeners ,good morning wrock fans…..

  71. Joel says:

    Another station is interfering with DWRK, I think its an AM station.

  72. Moses Sansano says:

    DWRK is playing now but a bit blurry.
    Seems like Agaton goes with the radio transmission.

  73. Moses Sansano says:

    DWRK is not streaming. Please fix. Thanks

  74. ovarbsky says:


  75. Phil DeEchague says:

    Happy listening especially to Cris “I love you”…..

  76. ovarbsky says:

    good am wrock,another day of literock music ,tnx,play more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice to hear wrock music .luv it yeahhhhh!!!

  77. margaritaqcatsao@yahoo.com.ph says:


  78. ovarbsky says:

    kindly play opm(lite rock music natin) tnx.

  79. ovarbsky says:

    more lite rock music pls……………..tnx

  80. ovarbsky says:

    nice one!!!!wrock.keep on playing beautiful music,tha’s why wrock is my favorite fm station,carry on wrock!!!!!!!!!!!!!cheeerrrrsssssss!!!!!!

  81. ovarbsky says:

    wrk makes my day,pls. play more music,tnx.

  82. Leigh V. says:

    They play lots of nice music that’s why I love this station but oh! Why can’t I hear any music playing now. It’s been a week already what happened why no live streaming? :'(

  83. Nelz says:

    nice music! keep onโ€ฆ

  84. Nelz says:

    nice music! keep on…

  85. ovarbsky says:


  86. ovarbsky says:

    ,that’s why i love this station ,keep playing these kind of music,it made me relax even too any works to do,(sept o2,2013 @10:22am

  87. ovarbsky says:

    sana i-play nyo rin ‘yung mga OPM natin ,mga 70’s,80’s,90’s,maraming tnx po

  88. ovarbsky says:

    tnx at medyo tumaas na bitrate nyo,pls. play song of the 70’s,80’s,90’s pinoy rock like juan dela cruz band,mike hanopol,florante,banyuhay ni heber,sampaguita,vst &co.hagibis and etc.mabuhay wrock….

  89. ovarbsky says:

    sana palakasin nyo pa signal nyo ,I love this station,mabuhay !!!! WROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CARRY ON!!!!!!!!!

  90. leigh says:

    laging offline, kagaya ngayon, di na naman maka-connect kahapon pa. ๐Ÿ™

  91. romeo miranda says:

    love ko wrock kc suit na suit sa mga favorite songs ko ang playlist nila na 70s & 80s. request lang po na sana madalas din nyong iplay mga 70s & 80s na pinoy songs like rico j, nonoy z, rey v, basil v, claire dela f, sampaguita, hanopol, hagibis, etc… especially on fridays. thanks po

  92. ghee says:

    favorite ko sana easy rock station kya lang bakit palagi nag ooffline?

  93. Abet says:

    Request lang po, paki taasan nman ang bitrate… salamat

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